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Reflective Free Write

Reflective Free Write - Liang 6 Victor Liang Mrs Jones...

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Liang 6 Victor Liang Mrs. Jones English 11H, Period 2 28 September, 2009 Survival of the Fittest Our badminton coaches demanded that the varsity players, myself included, briskly run out of the gym. The junior varsity players were fooling around with the birdies and attempting to hit them back to their partners. I bet the varsity players were laughing quietly inside. As we entered the cement courtyard, the cross country runners were enduring miles and miles of running labor. If they had not prepared for the upcoming tournament, they would have definitely lost. The badminton team was in the same position. Only the best players were put on the varsity team for optimized chances of winning against other schools. However, some people did not have the skill to be on varsity. Yet they were the coaches’ favorites; as long as those favorites were on varsity and happy about it, the coaches were happy, too. I had to compete countless times to finally get on varsity. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the coaches’ favorites. I actually had to practice to get on varsity, unlike some people. I wasn’t that amazing at badminton at the start of the season, so I wanted to improve my technique. The season didn’t seem so bad at first. We practiced with anyone who we usually hung out with. Sometimes I chose Victoria Chan. She was one of the best female players on our team, if not the best. I thought that playing with someone better would increase my badminton skills.
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During the first month of practice, the coaches made us practice drills, such as drop shots, footwork, clear shots, and smashes. Throughout these practices, they analyzed our skill levels and picked the best players for the varsity team. Luckily, the coaches saw that I could play way better than most of the other people on the team, especially the freshmen. Unlike them, I could actually hit the birdie to someone else without making them run a mile to reach it. Everybody on the varsity team picked their best friends as their partners. Unfortunately, my best friends were planning to play matches only by themselves. The only other person without a partner was a senior named Hoi Ko. After I asked her, she agreed to play mixed doubles with me. I wish I had known better. We seemed to develop a friendly relationship with each other. Whenever we made made mistakes, we would giggle and practice those hits again. We criticized each other sometimes, but only with calm, mellow words of advice. She appeared to be a great person, but looks can be deceiving. Washington High School’s badminton team finally got the chance to play against
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Reflective Free Write - Liang 6 Victor Liang Mrs Jones...

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