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The Merchant of Venice Act 5 Double-Entry Journal

The Merchant of Venice Act 5 Double-Entry Journal - Liang 2...

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Liang 2 Victor Liang Mr. Perlman English 10H, Period 4 30 May, 2009 “The Merchant of Venice” Act V Discussion Journal 1. Nerissa, Scene 1, Lines 156-157: “Gave it a judge's clerk! No, God's my judge. The clerk will ne'er wear hair on 's face that had it.” If the clerk actually had Gratiano's ring, Nerissa would find a way to punish the clerk. But in reality, Nerissa was the clerk. She pretends that the clerk is another person, and Gratiano believes her. This has a comedic effect on the audience. 2. Portia, Scene 1, Lines 165-169: “You were to blame, I must be plain with you, To part so slightly with your wife's first gift, A thing stuck on with oaths upon your finger And so riveted with faith unto your flesh.” Portia must be honest with Gratiano, and says that he did a terribly wrong thing. He shouldn't have given his ring so easily. Gratiano, under no circumstances, should give away his ring. When he wed Portia, the ring was the ultimate symbol of their togetherness and wedding. Taking the ring away would mean giving away the trust and loyalty in the relationship.
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