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Oedipus Rex Character, Fate, and Free Will

Oedipus Rex Character, Fate, and Free Will - mom and dad...

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Liang 2 Victor Liang Mr. Perlman English 10H, Period 4 17 February, 2009 Oedipus Rex : Character, Fate, and Free Will A. Character is Fate: My character has helped shape my fate, since it determines my actions. Actions make up my fate. When I choose to volunteer and help people, I learn valuable lessons about life and gain experience. When I choose to study for my classes, I gain vital skills I need for college. Therefore, I will be more prepared for college. Volunteering and studying are two ways that my character shapes my future, or fate. Life is like a freeway. If someone's character enables them to make the right decisions, or turns, they will eventually reach their destination. That destination is your fated goal in life. B. Fate: Oftentimes I have felt that my life was predestined, that destiny was my guiding light. My
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Unformatted text preview: mom and dad both work at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Stanford as phlebotamists. Since they work in the medical field, I started considering following in their footsteps. Now, I want a profession in medicine. It's astounding to me that I have an interest in science and mathematics. Science and math are my favorite subjects in school. This works perfectly with my plan to work in the medical field. I believe that these things happen in my life for a good reason. I know what decisions I must make to reach my goals. C. Free Will I believe that fate decides if someone has free will or not. Unfortunately, if someone is poor, they have a limited free will. Contrasted to wealthy people, poor people have less opportunities. Liang 2 They may not have as great technologies, jobs, or family life....
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