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Victor Liang Mr. Bobeda Physical Education, Period 1 Due June 12, 2009 Take-Home Final : The Experience The easiest part of this project was measuring my mom's weight and height. However, it was a little hard for her to disclose her personal weight and height information. She was a bit embarrased when she had to tell me. Another easy part was recording all of the food and drink items my mom was consuming. I noticed that she was eating relatively healthy foods and drinks. I encouraged her to continue her healthy, nutritional eating. She said that she always tries to eat healthy foods, so she'll live a longer life. There were several difficulties in this project. As part of the criteria, I asked my mom to do pushups, curlups, sit and reach, and the mile. She had a really hard time doing the pushups for a minute and broke a sweat. The curlups were easier for her, but she still said that she was tired out.
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Unformatted text preview: She had some back pain when she took the sit and reach test. During the mile, my mom was tired out the most. She slowly jogged only the first lap and couldn't jog anymore. She hates jogging the most out of all the cardiovascular exercises. Making the 4-week workout plan with my mom allowed me to increase cooperation with my mom. We discussed what would help her lose weight and become a fitter person. I recommended some muscular strength exercises to her so she can gain flexibility and workout her muscles. With this plan, I hope that my mom will love exercising. I also want my mom to get a healthier weight, so that she will feel more confident with her body. Exercising will also help make her heart, mind, and muscles stronger....
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