To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 23 to 31 (1-20-09)

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 23 to 31 (1-20-09) - Liang 1...

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Liang 1 Victor Liang Mr. Perlman English 10H, Period 4 20 January, 2009 To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 23-31 1. Aunt Alexandra's mission circle gathering reveals racial attitudes and political issues. The attending women treat blacks as their servants. They reign supreme and control their servants' lives. “Mrs. Merriweather faced Mrs. Farrow: 'Gertrude, I tell you there's nothing more distracting that a sulky darky. ... Just ruins your day to have one of 'em in the kitchen,'” (232). Mrs. Merriweather feels sorry towards the Mrunus, for they converted to Christianity. She mentions how the blacks servants are acting differently lately. “They're settling down now - they grumbled all next day after that trial,” (232). The related political issues of injustice and unequality among blacks and whites are revealed in the gathering. 2. Atticus believes that Tom Robinson still has a chance to be proven innocent. He thinks that the jury may change their racist attitude and listen to their conscience rather than the ignorant Maycomb society. Atticus remains tranquil after Bob Ewell threatens to seek revenge on Atticus. Though Bob Ewell spits on his face, Atticus just wipes off the spit with his handkerchief and ignores him. The town of Maycomb comments on Atticus's participation in the trial. They think that it's absurd for any white man to support a black man, especially for a
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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 23 to 31 (1-20-09) - Liang 1...

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