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CS172-CS283 Homework _1- 20090928 -...

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CS172/283 Homework #1 ‐ 20090928 CS172/283 Homework #1 ‐ 20090928 Page 1 Due Date: due: October 15, 2009 You are to design a www based electronic commerce (e-commerce) service that will serve customers accessing your service from the Internet. Assume the following: you are entering a market that is highly competitive so a) having a trustworthy service and b) offering ease of use of your www site by the customer are major considerations. visitors to your www site may arrive from the Internet by means of connections anywhere in the world and those arrivals may originate from a) a wired connection, b) a wireless LAN connection (e.g. Wireless Hotspot) or c) a mobile (wireless) connection. Users will use one of the major www browser products, to access www services including yours, that is, Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Google Chrome. Answer questions 1-3 and 5 in less than one page; you may use up to 2 pages for question 4.
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CS172-CS283 Homework _1- 20090928 -...

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