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Kerberos Overview Cisco - Kerberos Overview An...

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Kerberos Overview- An Authentication Service for Open Network Systems Document ID: 16087 Introduction Kerberos Authors Introduction to Kerberos Kerberos Concepts Motivation Behind Kerberos What is Kerberos? What Does Kerberos Do? Kerberos Software Components Kerberos Names How Kerberos Works Kerberos Credentials Get the Initial Kerberos Ticket Request a Kerberos Service Get Kerberos Server Tickets The Kerberos Database The KDBM Server The kadmin and kpasswd Programs Kerberos Database Replication Kerberos From the Outside Looking In Kerberos User's Eye View Kerberos From the Programmer's Viewpoint The Kerberos Administrator's Job The Bigger Kerberos Picture Other Network Services' Use of Kerberos Interaction with Other Kerberi Kerberos Issues and Open Problems Kerberos Status Kerberos Acknowledgments Appendix: Kerberos Application to SUN's Network File System (NFS) Kerberos Unmodified NFS Kerberos Modified NFS Kerberos Security Implications of the Modified NFS Kerberos References NetPro Discussion Forums - Featured Conversations Related Information Introduction In an open network computing environment, a workstation cannot be trusted to identify its users correctly to network services. Kerberos provides an alternative approach whereby a trusted third-party authentication service is used to verify users' identities. This paper gives an overview of the Kerberos authentication model as implemented for MIT's Project Athena. It describes the protocols used by clients, servers, and Kerberos to achieve authentication. It also describes the management and replication of the database required. The views of Kerberos as seen by the user, programmer, and administrator are described. Finally, the role of Kerberos in the larger Athena picture is given, along with a list of applications that presently use Kerberos for user authentication. We describe the addition of Kerberos authentication to the Sun Network File System as a case
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study for integrating Kerberos with an existing application. Kerberos Authors Jennifer G. Steiner, Project Athena, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, steiner@ATHENA.MIT.EDU Clifford Neuman, Department of Computer Science, FR-35, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195, bcn@CS.WASHINGTON.EDU. Clifford Neuman was a member of the Project Athena staff during the design and initial implementation phase of Kerberos. Jeffrey I. Schiller, Project Athena, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, jis@ATHENA.MIT.EDU Introduction to Kerberos This paper gives an overview of Kerberos, an authentication system designed by Miller and Neuman. for open network computing environments, and describes our experience using it at MIT's Project Athena. In the section on Motivation, we explain why a new authentication model is needed for open networks, and what its requirements are. The What is Kerberos? section lists the components of the Kerberos software and describes how they interact in providing the authentication service. In the Kerberos Names section, we describe the
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Kerberos Overview Cisco - Kerberos Overview An...

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