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CONSERVATION OF MOMENTUM WORKSHEET Total Momentum Before a Collision = p i = Total Momentum After a Collision = p f momentum object(1) i + momentum object (2) i = momentum object (1) f + momentum object 2 f m 1i * v 1i + m 2i * v 2i = m 1f * v 1f + m 2f * v 2f ►You are given the following data about a golf club hitting a stationary golf ball: mass of club head = 0.350 kg mass of golf ball = 0.046 kg speed of club head before collision north = 38 m/s speed of club head after collision north = 29 m/s Calculate the following: 1. momentum of club head before collision _____________________ 2. momentum of club head after collision _____________________ 3. momentum of golf ball before collision _____________________ 4. momentum of golf ball after collision _____________________ 5. speed of the golf ball after it is hit by the golf club _____________________ 6. what is the direction of the ball if it were hit correctly? _______________ ►You are given the following data about a bowling ball hitting a stationary bowling pin:
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