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SEED Document 1 User Manual of the Pre-built Ubuntu 9 Virutal Machine Copyright c ± 2006 - 2009 Wenliang Du, Syracuse University. The development of this document is funded by the National Science Foundation’s Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) program under Award No. 0618680 and 0231122. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. A copy of the license can be found at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl.html . 1 Overview Using VMware , we have created a pre-built virtual machine (VM) image for UbuntuLinux (version 9). This VM can be used for all our SEED labs that are based on Linux . In this document, we describe the configuration of this VM, and give an overview of all the software tools that we have installed. Updating the VM is quite time-consuming, because not only do we need to udpate the VM image, we have to make sure that all our labs are consistent with the newly built VM. Therefore, we only plan to update our VM image once every two years, and of course update all our labs once the VM is changed. If you are using our SEED labs, and want to get a copy of our most recent VM image, please send us an email: [email protected] . We can either send you a DVD or let you download the image from us. 2 VM Configurations 2.1 Configuration of the VM The main configuration of this VM is summarized in the following. If you are using VMware Workstation , you can adjust the configuration according to the resources of your host machine (e.g., you can assign more memory to this VM if your host machine has enough memory): Operating system: Ubuntu 9.04 with the Linux kernel v2.6.28. Memory: 256M RAM. Disk space: Maximum 8G disk space. We have created two accounts in the VM. The usernames and passwords are listed in the following: 1. User ID: root , Password: seedubuntu . Note: Ubuntu does not allow root to login directly from the login window. You have to login as a normal user, and then use the command su to login to the root account. 2. User ID: seed , Password: dees 2.2 Network setup Currently the “Network connection” is set to “NAT”, i.e., your VM is put in a private network, which uses your host machine as the router. The VMs in such a setting can connect to the Internet via the NAT mechanism, and they are not visible to the outside (their IP addresses are not routable from the outside, e.g., many use 192.168 prefix). This setting is sufficient for most of our SEED labs. If you want your VMs to be visible to the outside (e.g., you want to host a HTTP server in a VM, and
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Ubuntu9_VM_Manual - SEED Document 1 User Manual of the...

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