syllabus - CSC 574 Information Systems and Network Security...

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Syllabus A. Instructors: Dr. Peng Ning, Office: 3258 Engineering Building II Phone: (919) 513-4457 Email: URL: B. Course prerequisites or restrictive statements: CSC 316 Data Structure for Computer Scientists CSC 401 Data and Computer Communications Networks or CSC/ECE 570 Computer Networks Ability to program in Java or C/C++ C. Designation of course as a General Education Requirement (GER) N/A D. Student learning outcomes: By the end of this course, students will be able to: - State the basic concepts in information security, including security policies, security models, and various security mechanisms. - Explain concepts related to applied cryptography, including plaintext, ciphertext, symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography, and digital signatures. - Explain the basic number theory required for cryptographic applications as well as various cryptographic systems. - Manually compute using Fermat's theorem, Euler's theorem, Euclid's algorithm, extended Euclid's algorithm; manually encrypt/decrypt and sign/verify signatures for small messages using RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and DSA algorithms. - State the requirements and mechanisms for identification and authentication; explain and identify typical security pitfalls in authentication protocols. - List network and distributed systems security issues and solutions, including authentication, key distribution, and network security protocols. - Explain the network access control mechanisms, including the basic concepts of firewalls, packet filters, application gateways, and typical firewall configurations - Outline the protocols, i.e., AH and ESP protocols, for IP Security and the two modes for both protocols. - Explain in their own words the goals of IP Security protocols (AH and ESP), the - Use combinations of IP security protocols to achieve a given security goal (e.g., source authentication, content authentication, traffic confidentiality, etc.) - Explain SSL/TLS protocols. -
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syllabus - CSC 574 Information Systems and Network Security...

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