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Bench marking - Bench marking Stanford Security Laboratory...

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Unformatted text preview: Bench marking Stanford Security Laboratory Web Programming and Security. Good. Computer and Network Security. Already covered. Security Analysis of Network Protocols. Already covered. Introduction to Cryptography and Computer Security. Already covered. Topics in Cryptography. To Advanced. Sophomore seminar: Computer Security and Privacy. Not applicable. Freshman seminar: Ten Ideas in Computer Security and Cryptography. Not applicable. In general , the program has too many redundancy and repetition, especially in Crypto topics. Good point could be added: Web Security . (Basic web security model - User authentication and Secure session management HTTPS - Web site security - Malicious Javascript - cross site scripting attacks (XSS) - SQL injection attacks). Wireless Security. JMU: The CyberDefense Systems Security Testing Laboratory Mohamed Aboutabl ( 568-7589) Computer Science Department The CyberRange is a testing laboratory for networks and systems security hardware and software located in the Department of Computer Science at JMU. The laboratory is equipped with a variety of security enhancement hardware and software. The CyberRange is committed to quality information assurance (IA) education, research, and technology transfer. We utilize a comprehensive framework integrating teaching, research, practice, and policy studies. Equally important is our commitment to transferring IA-related technologies to Virginia government agencies and small businesses. The CyberRange laboratory has beenVirginia government agencies and small businesses....
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Bench marking - Bench marking Stanford Security Laboratory...

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