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Appendices Subjects - ECE4112 Internetwork Security Lab...

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ECE4112 Internetwork Security Lab Subjects: Lab 1 OS Installation and Introduction to security tools Installing RedHat Linux Enterprise Work Station 4.0 Installing VMware on your RedHat Enterprise 4.0 Host Installing RedHat 7.2 and Windows XP virtual machines Configuring the Windows XP virtual machine Windows XP Firewall Logging NMAP Nessus SuperScan 4 Appendix A: NAS problems Appendix B: Writing NASL scripts Appendix C: Search Engine Reconnaissance Appendix D: Other Network Scanning Tools Appendix E: Sharing files between Virtual Machines Appendix F: Sam Spade Tool (Windows XP) Appendix G: Bastille Linux and Cheops Appendix H: General Linux Tips Lab 2 Password Cracking, Network Sniffing, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Installing and Using L0phtCrack on the Windows System Installing and Running John the Ripper on the Linux system Using Ethereal to sniff network connections Keyboard Logger Installing Ettercap Installing Hunt Using ARP Getting to Know Ettercap Using Ettercap Passively to Sniff a Connection Using Ettercap Actively to Disrupt a Connection Using Hunt to Hijack a connection Appendix A: Installations Appendix B: Hardening Passwords Appendix C: VMware cloning Appendix D: IPSec on Windows Appendix E: IPSec on Linux Appendix F: Fingerprinting VPN Server Appendix G: Checking for SSH Version 1 using ScanSSH Appendix H: Resetting root Password Appendix H: Random Passphrases and Passwords Appendix I: Windows Hijacker Appendix J: Detecting Sniffers with AntiSniff Appendix K: ARPWatch (Also used in Lab 3) Appendix L: Rainbow Crack Appendix M: Exploiting Autorun with a USB Drive Appendix N: Using DSniff to Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) SSH v1 Connections Lab 3: Address Spoofing, Denial of Service, Email Spoofing, and VoIP
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Appendices Subjects - ECE4112 Internetwork Security Lab...

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