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ECH 152A, Fall 2009, Roland Faller Homework 9, November 20, 2009, Due Monday November 30, before lecture Reminder: The final will be written on 12/07/09 at 3:30-5:30 pm. Students with a last name starting with letters A-I will write in 1 Wellman Students with a last name starting with letters J-Z will write in the regular room 212 Veihmeyer. 1. (4 points) (a) Derive the Maxwell relation based on the Gibbs free energy. (b) Entropy is the entropic potential equivalent to internal energy. Perform a Legendre transformation away from volume and derive another entropic poten- tial.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. (6 points) (a) Show that c p = c v + T T V | p T p | V . (b) calculate c p-c V for an ideal gas. 3. (5 points) This problem was on the 2007 nal. Starting from dH = C p dT + V-T V T p dp show that c p p T =-T 2 V T 2 p 4. (5 points) How much heat do we need to heat 10 metric tons of CaCO 3 at atmospheric pressure from 50C to 880C? The heat capacity per mole can be expressed as c P R = A + BT + CT 2 + D T 2 with A 10 3 B K C DK 2 10 5 12.5 2.6-3.1 Masses of the atoms are C: 12g/mol, O 16 g/mol, Ca 40 g/mol....
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