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BRAE320-09-CIMIS S09 - Name: ______________________ BRAE...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: ______________________ BRAE 340 - Irrigation Water Management Lab CIMIS - Calif. Irrigation Management Information System Introduction : The goal of this lab is to introduce you to the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS), to have you access some of the CIMIS weather data available from the Internet, and to show you how CIMIS information can be useful in irrigation scheduling decisions. The lab will be conducted in 2 parts. *** Part A will be due at the beginning of Lab. *** Part B will be completed in class during the scheduled lab session. Part A: Following the instructions below, access CIMIS weather data via the internet. Convert all ETo data to inches per day. Based on the information provided on the internet pages indicated, answer some questions about the CIMIS program Part B: Combine the weather data youve obtained with the information on crop coefficients for the crops identified in lab to make estimates of ETc, crop evapotranspiration. Complete the lab by using ETcs to make irrigation scheduling decisions. Lab Report : Part A: Data Collection and Analysis Part A: Questions Part A: Alternate Sources of Weather Data Part B: Calculations, Graphs and Questions Staple field notes and discussion notes behind Lab Report Grades : Participation, neatness, and class notes, 10 pts Part A, 43 pts Part B, 47 pts BRAE 340 Irrigation Water Management Page -1 CIMIS 2008 Name: ______________________ Part A: Internet Access to CIMIS Weather Data A.1. Access CIMIS on the Internet. The main CIMIS page is located at: Click on the Data tab on the top. As new users of the CIMI System you must Log in. Click on the Registration button and enter the requested information. A.2. Get recent CIMIS data. For the following 3 sites from 3 climatic regions, determine reference evapotranspiration, ETo, for the last 12 months ( MONTHLY tab) and for the last 7 days ( DAILY tab ). ETo for the last 12 months will be in inches/month. Convert these readings to inches/day by dividing by the number of days in each month. [8 points] Region: Coastal Central Valley Inland Desert County: San Luis Obispo Fresno Imperial Station #: # 052 # 002 # 087 Location: San Luis Obispo Five Points Meloland ETo for the Past 12 Months Month/Yr (day/month) in/mo...
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BRAE320-09-CIMIS S09 - Name: ______________________ BRAE...

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