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AGB 310 Agricultural Credit and Finance Stan Ullerich office 10-255 phone 6-5015 e-mail [email protected] office hours M at 4, TWR at 2 and Wednesday evenings 8-10 in 10-206 Financing California’s agricultural industry. Sources of credit and types of loans used by agribusinesses. Costs of credit. Financial analysis of agricultural borrowers. Future and present value techniques used in evaluating agricultural investments. Agricultural financial management. Financial capital markets and leasing. 4 lectures. Prerequisite: One quarter of accounting or AGB 321. The course will consist of a study of the financial fundamentals in credit worthiness and investing, focused upon the agribusiness sector. The financial characteristics of various tangible assets, like farmland, houses, apartments and other realty will be examined. The costs and benefits of your using borrowed money in real estate ownership will be enumerated. An analysis of r eturns (capital gains and income), r isk bearing ability and r
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