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Robert Kerin-CC1024D-10M-Team-Unit 2

Robert Kerin-CC1024D-10M-Team-Unit 2 - he is underage and...

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Robert Kerin Holly Nibbe CC1024D-10M Unit 2 / Team B Teamwork Unit 2 8/25/2009 Entrapment : Would apply in a defense if for example and undercover agent handed  someone on the street some stolen property asking them to hold it for them and later having  them arrested. Since they had no idea it was stolen and it was a set up to get arrested. Age :  A 6 year old kid decided to take his parents car for a joy ride he could argue that 
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Unformatted text preview: he is underage and didn't know any better. Intoxication : A guy at the bar consumes 8 beers, 5 shots, 3 mixed drinks Self Defense : A women taking her morning job around the park, and a “masked” guy tries to brag her, she defends herself breaking the attackers grip from her arm, but in the mean time breaks his wrist....
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