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Robert Kerin-CC1024D-10M-Unit2

Robert Kerin-CC1024D-10M-Unit2 - Robert Kerin CC1024D-10M...

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Robert Kerin CC1024D-10M Unit 2 9/05/2009 “The Law does not hold an individual blameworthy unless that person is capable of intending to commit the crime of which he is accused and that intent causes him to commit an illegal action” Based on the above statement I’m going to attempt to outline the concept of criminal intent. Criminal intent is the act in which the person intended to do the illegal act. An example would be a bank robbery, the person had the “intent” of going in the bank and robbing it, a person just doesn’t walk in a bank and unknowingly rob it, he had the intent before walking in the bank normally. That leads us to the elements of a crime, in which certain factors that define a crime in which prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a conviction. The element would be that the crime actually happened. Did the person actually walk in
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