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Robert Kerin CC1024D-10M Unit 3 9/12/2009 Women in law enforcement, this is a good thing they bring the law enforcement community diversity, communication and compassion. A women police officer I believe can handle a situation better than a man in some cases, it might be harder for them to handle a physical situation, though a mental / emotional situation a women I believe can handle it better, they can reach out to a “victim” on more of a personal level. I remember the TV show Cagney and Lacy, and even Charlie’s Angels, women only made up 2 percent of the total police work force, back in the 70’s women were mostly stuck to
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Unformatted text preview: clerical roles or jobs as a dispatcher, until the women’s lib movement happened. Women face an increased challenge when hired due to the physical “benchmark” based on the male aptitude, a practice that has been some changes in recent years, the departments that do not use the test have 45% more women officers than those with the agility exams. Women don’t have the physical strength of a male officer, but the female officer are “substantially less likely” to be involved in citizen complaints about the use of excessive force....
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