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Robert Kerin-SL1105D-26M-Individual assignment 1

Robert Kerin-SL1105D-26M-Individual assignment 1 - Question...

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Robert L. Kerin SL1105D-26M Individual Work Assignment 1 8/26/2009 Question 1: Who is the individual featured in “World of Work?” Answer: Brian R. Epps, Executive Director of Hotel Operations. Question 2: What would I do to find the answer about textbook or other school-provided materials? Answer: I would email my New Student Coordinator Shawna Hetrick at [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: Question 3: What is the Ecollege Help Desk Phone number? Answer: 1-888-579-0191 Question 4: What time is my instructor’s office hours for the first week of class? Answer: there is a one-hour block of time per week that your instructor will be available Online to answer your questions...
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  • Summer '09
  • Unknown
  • executive Director, Robert L. Kerin, Brian R. Epps, Executive Director of Hotel Operations, Coordinator Shawna Hetrick

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