Robert Kerin-SL1105D-26M-Individual assignment - Week 5b

Robert Kerin-SL1105D-26M-Individual assignment - Week 5b -...

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P a g e | 1 Robert L. Kerin SL1105D-26M Week 5 Individual Work Assignment Thesis Statement 9/12/2009 Women and Self-Defense, we know that women have a slight disadvantage when it comes to the physical aspects of men, but do they really? A Women can be faster, though maybe not as powerful in the “muscle” aspect, though in the Martial Arts world, strength doesn’t mean everything, it is all about technique and being able to read your opponent.
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Unformatted text preview: Though women have not “achieved” the same success as the males, they are making their mark in the Martial Arts community. Women have brought a diversity to the community that was not here, though Martial Arts is still a male dominated sport, the women of the Martial Arts world are making their mark, and when they do this they have a very long lasting impression....
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