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Cell Biology 341 Monday, Sept. 28, 2009 Today: 3 steps in processing of primary transcripts in eucaryotic cells Next: translation of mRNA on ribosomes Go to firstglance.jmol.org and enter PDB code 1CDW to see the 3-D structure of TBP bound to the TATA box Click hydrophobic/polar to see the protein in spacefill Look for the Phe residues Last lecture: eucaryotic initiation of transcription There are 3 types of RNA pol in eucaryotes The general transcription factors bind in order to the TATA box and recruit RNA pol II The general factors position RNA pol II correctly, separate the DNA strands, and help RNA pol leave the promoter The first factor to bind is TFIID, which binds the TATA box TBP (a subunit of TFIID) bends the DNA when it binds TATA: see PDB file 1CDW DNA may loop so that an activator can stabilize formation of the initiation complex by cooperative binding
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3 steps in RNA processing occur in the nucleus of eucaryotic cells 1. Capping: addition of 7-methylguanosine to the 5'-end of the primary transcript. The link is an unusual 5'- 5' bond 1. Removal of introns by RNA splicing 1. Polyadenylation: addition of a poly-A tail to the 3'-end of the RNA
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341lecture10sept30sakai - Cell Biology 341 Monday, Sept....

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