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Physics 427 Fall 2008 Homework # 1 & Homework #2 August 15, 2008; due September 8, 2008 (double assignment over two weeks because of no class on Labor Day) Homework #1: 1. K & K: Chapter 2, # 1 2. K & K: Chapter 2, # 3 3. K & K: Chapter 2, # 2 Homework #2 4. K & K: Chapter 2, # 5 5. The number of molecules in a typical sample is unimaginably large . C o n s i d e
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Unformatted text preview: The paper is 0.086 mm thick. a.) How thick would the stack of paper be? Express the answer in light-years. b.) If we had one kmole of benzene molecules and wanted to print out not only the location and velocity of the center of mass of each, but also the orientation of each molecule and the components of its angular velocity vector, how thick would the stack of paper be? 6. Counting some states On page 33 of the book, the authors use a figure to list all 10 ways of orienting 5 Ising spins. In the same way, list all 15 ways of orienting 6 Ising spins so that 4 are pointing up and 2 are pointing down....
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