Physiology Tutorial-Immunology

Physiology Tutorial-Immunology - In the T cell receptor is...

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In the T cell receptor is the ONLY on that recognizes foreignness compare to self. In the b cell, the immunoglobulin receptor looks at the bacteria by itself not using an MHC. Process: Bacteria comes in and is seen by TOLL like receptors through PAMPs in microphages. Interferon gamma is released by microphage which recruits down a neutrophil. The dendritic cells come in being attracted to the interferon gamma. o It is what links innate response with adaptive response. Dendritic cell makes its way to the regional lymph nodes, having bugs on the inside and on the outside of the cell. o Some bacteria is digested and presented it to the MHC1 and then MHCII is also produced. TH2 cell comes and binds to the MCHII receptor with o co-interaction b/w the B7 on the dentritic cell and the CD28 on the T- Cell receptor occurs also o Signals are released from the T-cell release IL 4,5,6 which cause maturation and proliferation of the B-lymphocyte B-Lymphocyte attaches (CD40-CD40) and then gets stimulated to proliferate. o If you have no-thymus but still B-cells, you can kick a little bit and get something out of the Immunoglobulin connector with the bacterium and give a kick in IgM: You do not have an optimal response or switching. o
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Physiology Tutorial-Immunology - In the T cell receptor is...

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