Week 7 Human Biology

Week 7 Human Biology - Human Biology: Materials and...

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Human Biology: Materials and Exchange Mechanisms Human Biology | Conclusion | Practice Quiz Please note , all words that are bold are rollovers that will display additional text in the form of a pop-up box. Human Biology As in the previous weeks, there is a substantial amount of material to cover. This lecture will provide a brief overview of the various systems of the human body. There is probably no better way to present much of this information than with illustrations and animations. Your text contains numerous excellent illustrations to view and study. In this lecture, however, you will have the opportunity to view many outstanding animations related to human biology. The cells of all organisms are highly organized and require a constant flow of energy and the disposal of wastes. The circulatory, respiratory, digestive , and excretory systems are involved in the exchange of materials across cell membranes in order to accomplish critical and complex tasks. All of these systems have special features that provide large surface areas to allow for necessary exchanges. No one system is more important than another, and without each of them, we would not survive. The circulatory system consists of a pump, the heart , and blood vessels that distribute the blood to all parts of the body. View the video below to see an explanation of a myocardial infarction or the sudden insufficient blood supply to an area of the heart. Myocardial Infarction The blood is a carrier fluid that transports molecules and heat. The exchange of materials between the blood and body cells takes place through the walls of the capillaries. Hemoglobin in red blood cells is very important in the
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Week 7 Human Biology - Human Biology: Materials and...

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