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Name_______________________ Page 1 of 8 NEUROBIOLOGY 100 Exam 1, Fall 2008 READ QUESTIONS CAREFULLY I agree to have my exam returned in the boxes in Briggs Hall YES ___, NO ___ with the understanding that, if I checked no, the exam will only be available for pickup during office hours. Sign to below to have your exams returned to the boxes. ___________________________________________________________ signature TIME AND DATE OF THE SECTION YOU ARE ENROLLED IN ________ The name of your TA ________________________ Remember how to do elimination questions is you so choose In an effort to give partial credit for your knowledge, for multiple choice questions you have the option of eliminating choices you are certain are incorrect for partial credit. How do you do this? You must first circle the answer you believe is correct. There is no penalty for circling an answer that is not, so it pays to guess which answer is correct. You may also cross out with an X any choices you are relatively certain are incorrect; however if you put an X over the correct answer you will get negative points. We will first look at your choice for the correct answer correct (the circled choice). If this is correct, you will get full credit. So far this is exactly the same as a standard multiple choice. After you make a choice for the answer you believe is correct, you can cross of answer that you are confident are incorrect. In the above example you will get 4 points for each correctly eliminated answer. However if you cross out the incorrect answer 21 points will be deducted. If you cross out some incorrect answers and the correct answer we add all the credit. So, for example you foolishly cross out all six choices you will get –1 points (5 correct eliminations worth 4 points each worth 20 points minus the 21 point deduction for the wrong choice). The result is that guessing (or choosing to eliminate all choices) will always result in minus 1 points. THE BOTTOM LINE: You should always circle one answer as being correct. BUT for the elimination, you should only circle choices that you are confident can be eliminated. ALSO DO NOT CROSS OF CHOICES BY ACCIDENT. If you normally solve problems by eliminating, but don’t want them to be graded as attempted eliminations use some other marking.
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Name_______________________ Page 2 of 8 0.1mm 0.05mm A B C Dendrites Soma Axon Part 1 . (Total 20 points. 10 points each. For each question if choice d is correct ½ the points are given for choosing d and ½ for the correct additional information. Correct eliminations are worth 1 point, eliminating the correct answer is -4 points) You are experimenting with a cell which us permeable only to one ion. You determine that the net force is 0 and the electrical force is inward. 1.1 The chemical force is (a) inward (b) outward (c) in neither direction (d) cannot determine from the information given If you chose (d), what additional information (besides knowing the net force) is required to determine the answer?
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sample_exam1A_sol - Name NEUROBIOLOGY 100 Exam 1 Fall 2008...

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