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NPB 100 : Passive Electrical Properties DISCLAIMER: PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH A LIVE WIRE AS A RESULT OF READING THIS HANDOUT. STRICTLY USE YOUR IMAGINATION! Imagine touching a live wire from an outlet when you are dry and relaxed. You will experience a nice shock. Now suppose that you are sweaty or have just come out of a bath and touch the same outlet. Instead of feeling a harmless shock, the current (or flow of electrons) entering your body could now kill you because the moisture has temporarily transformed your body into a better electric conductor. Finally, imagine picking up a good electrical insulator such as wood or rubber and touching the same outlet containing the live wire. Most likely, you will not experience a shock. On the other hand, replace the wood or rubber with a conductor such as a copper wire and you will again experience a shock. During this course, you will quickly learn about the passive electrical properties associated with one of the cell types of your brain called
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