Buddha - B uddism -Buddha was born a Hindu in the second...

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Buddism -Buddha was born a Hindu in the second caste -His objections to Hinduisim: -too many gods; humans shoult get more attention than the gods - too many rituals/ too realistic -too much focus on caste -too much emphasis on sacrifices -There is diffecne b/t atman (hiduism) and anotta (buddhism) Common elements w/ Hinduism 1. Karma 2. Reincarnation 3. Ahinsa 4. Nirvana (moksha) -Jenism – another section of Hinduism in india -Differences -no caste /anyone can achieve nirvana Life of Buddha -Buddha was born in 560 BCE in the chatriya (2 nd caste) -His father was a king of a small kingdom (Nepal), and he hoped that his son would become a great king. -His full name is Siddhartha Gautama Buddha -Siddhartha means “The one who has overcome the cycle of birth and death” -Gautama means “good soul” -Buddha means “the one who has awakened and found wisdom” Legends about Buddha -The moment he was born, Buddha walked seven steps. This symbolized that his birth was his seventh and final birth. - His mother saw in a dream a white elephant walking into her womb. Experts in dream interpretation decided that Buddha either would become a great kind or a teacher
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-As a result of the dream interpretation, the king raised his son in a luxurious and princely manner; he had every extravagance and was given the finest education, including the arts of battle and warfare. -Still unsatisfied, Buddha went for a walk outside the castle one night. There,
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Buddha - B uddism -Buddha was born a Hindu in the second...

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