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Freud1 - Personality Personality Personality is those...

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Unformatted text preview: Personality Personality Personality is those relatively enduring characteristics of individuals that account for their consistent patterns of responses to situations. => consistent across time and situations. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) Hysteria The Case of Fraulein Elisabeth Upper class Viennese woman in early 20's - Major symptom -intense pains in her legs at the thighs. Cared for dying father, but went on date, father got very sick. Never saw man again. Ambivalence -- feeling two emotions at once. guilt vs. desire Key Aspects of Freud’s Early Patients 1 . E m o t io n a l C o n fl ic t - W is h e s /D e s ir e s ( o f te n s e x u a l) v s . G u ilt a b o u t W is h e s /D e s ir e s 2 . T r a u m a tic e v e n t F o r g e t t i n g = “ R e p r e s s i o n” 3 . C r e a tio n o f a " p s y c h o lo g ic a lly - r e la te d s y m p to m " - something symbolic, meaningful, “psychosomatic” Freud’s first take on the mind: T h e I n te r p r e ta tio n o f D r e a m s ( 1 9 0 0 ) Repression: K eep o u t o f conscious awareness Example: Helen Goes to Work H e le n’ s v e r s io n : M e a n t to p r e s s b r a k e P r e s s e d a c c e le r a to r F e e ls fl u s te r e d Freud’s version: W a n ts to f e e l v a lu e d W a n ts to r e tir e F e e ls fl u s te r e d Topographical Model Can We Become Aware? 3 . A w aren ess o f f e e lin g s a llo w s a c tio n 2 . Y e a r s o f th e r a p y le a d to c o n s c io u s e x a m in a tio n o f f e e lin g s 1 . C o n fl ic tin g f e e lin g s in u n c o n s c io u s Freud’s “Structural Model” (1923) Id Superego Su Ego Id Libido: Drive to gratify basic biological needs Goes for immediate gratification. Operates on the pleasure principle. Primary process: Ignores consequences and logistics. Superego T h e m o r a l s e lf : th e C o n s c ie n c e ( k n o w s w h a t is b a d , a n d p u n is h e s b e h a v io r ) th e E g o I d e a l ( k n o w s w h a t is g o o d , a n d r e w a r d s b e h a v io r ) T h e “ s h o u l d s” - - w h a t p a r e n t s , l a w , & s o c i e t y d i c t a t e Ego Referee between the id and the world. Constrained by the reality principle: Pragmatic (does what is feasible) Secondary process: Thinking discriminates between reality and fantasy Freud’s Theory of “psychodynamics” (1923) Interaction of Id, Ego, & Superego MO’ MONEY! It’s a Tax Writeoff Stealing Is WRONG ID EGO superego Glimpses of Ego in Operation Symbolic Symptoms - w is h e s d is g u is e d a s m e d ic a l c o n d itio n s o F r a u le in E lis a b e th ’ s th ig h s L a id - o f f w o r k e r g e ts s k in r a s h H eadaches o o Glimpses of Ego in Operation Dreams - w is h e s f u lfi lle d in f a n ta s y “I dreamed I was in a relay race, and David L e tte r m a n r a n th e le g ju s t b e f o r e m e . W h e n h e h a n d e d m e th e b a to n , it tu r n e d in to a c a r r o t, s o I ate it.” Principle of “psychic determinism” everything has a cause, even mistakes express unconscious wishes reveals unconscious thought. Freud: “There are no accidents.” “Freudian Slips” = u n c o n s c io u s w is h e s s lip o u t E x a m p le : “And how long have you been buried -u h , I m ean , M A R R IE D ? ” O ra l A nal P h allic Stages & Conflicts La te n cy G e n i ta l Oedipus Complex: - competition with father - desire for mother Penis Envy: - blame mother - desire for Father’s power O ra l A nal P h allic Stages & Conflicts La te n cy G e n i ta l Freudian Theory Defense Mechanisms Methods for dealing with anxiety Freud thought some more mature than others Denial Projection Rationalization Displacement Repression Formal Reaction Regression Sublimation Denial "Firecrackers? No, I never use firecrackers!" Repression "I refuse to even think about firecrackers." Projection "Okay, I played with it a little, but Joe's always playing with firecrackers." Reaction Formation "Hi! I'm the president of the local antifireworks club!" Rationalization "I wasn't playing with fireworks: I was testing them to see if they're safe." Regression "I couldn't use fire-crackers, I'm too little." Displacement "I'm not afraid of firecrackers. I'm afraid of what will happen if mom finds out." Sublimation ”Firecrackers? Come and watch my puppet show." Problems with Freud Too general: Explains everything after, but predicts nothing beforehand Key portions are contrary to recent data: There is no evidence for penis envy, castration anxiety, the latency period Biased against females: Freud's negative attitudes towards women colored his entire theory Relies on many constructs: Relies on the existence of hypotheticals such as the id, ego, & superego Freud’s Contributions The discovery of unconscious processes His emphasis on childhood influences on adult behavior Defense mechanisms Freud in Everyday Life End of Freud Or is it just the beginning? ...
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