Lecture 8-Motivation

Lecture 8-Motivation - B a s ic H u m a n M o tiv e s W h a...

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1 What Motivates Us? The Pyramid of Human Motivation General Theories of Motivation Specific Motives: Hunger Basic Human Motives A Quick Definition • Motivation is: An inner state that energizes people toward the fulfillment of a goal. Maslow's Pyramid of Needs • Needs arrange hierarchy • Low-level needs must be met before trying to satisfy higher-level needs • Esteem: Status, respect, power • Self-actualization: Fulfill one’s potential General Theories of Motivation • Instinct Theory • Drive Theory • Arousal Theory • Incentive Theory Instinct Theory • Things in the environment are “Releasers” which lead to instinctual pre-programmed responses • Can’t fully explain humans though… Environmental Releaser Triggers Fixed Response Patterns
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Drive Theory • The notion that physiological needs arouse tension that motivates action Biological Need Drive Behavior Arousal Theory • Strive to maintain an optimal level of arousal • Seek stimulation if bored, relaxation if excited • Yerkes-Dodson Law Incentive Theory • Intrinsic Incentives – Activities that are an end unto themselves – E.g., eating, watching cartoons • Extrinsic Incentives – Activities with external rewards or punishments – E.g., working, doing chores Payment and Intrinsic Motivation • College students • 3 sessions with puzzles • Some paid during second session • Time x puzzles during breaks recorded • If paid for a task you already enjoy, do you lose interest? Basic Human Motives
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Lecture 8-Motivation - B a s ic H u m a n M o tiv e s W h a...

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