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PSYCH 111 - Introduction to Psychology Fall 2007 - Discussion Section 075 - Thursday 2~4pm (232 Dennison) Graduate Student Instructor: Hyang Sook Kim Office : 2264 East Hall (see maps in Web Links on CTools) Mail Box : 1343 East Hall (Psych Undergrad Office) Email : (Please include ‘PSY111SECT075’ in the subject line for immediate attention) Office Phone : 734-763-5685 (during office hours only) Office Hours : Wed. 10:30am-12:30pm and by appointment Course and Section Websites : Contacting Me Email is the best way to reach me . I check email frequently (except on weekends and during university holidays) and will try to respond to questions within 48 hours. I may not be able to answer emails hours before an exam or deadline, so you should study ahead and contact me with important questions at least two days ahead of time. My office hours are Wednesdays 10:30am-12:30pm. If you can’t make those times, please email me to set up an appointment. In addition to the regular office hours, I’ll try to have extra office hours before exams, although I can’t guarantee them. Course Overview The primary purpose of this course is to introduce you to the complex and diverse field of psychology (the study of mind and behavior), including its methods, important theories, and major research findings. You will learn how psychologists think about and approach research questions such as: How do different parenting practices influence the development of young children’s consciences? What can brain damage tell us about the organization and functioning of the intact brain? How do social relationships influence mental and physical health? More importantly, through the study of psychology, you will learn how to think critically and apply these concepts to real-life issues. Course Objectives 1. Discuss and clarify issues and concepts raised in the lecture and readings 2. Develop critical thinking about concepts, theories, and methods in psychology 3. Apply psychological theories and concepts to real-life issues Course Expectations The best learning environment is a result of the efforts of both students and instructor. We can all learn a lot from one another, but we must each recognize our responsibilities to the group and our work this semester. My expectations of you are : 1. Reading required articles and completing other assigned work on time 1
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2. Coming to section prepared with questions about the readings or lecture 3. Coming to section on time prepared to participate 4. Respecting the views and learning needs of other students 5. Sharing work equitably on your group project (see below) 6. Consulting with the GSI or Professor about any problems in the course Responsibilities of the GSI include : 1. Coming to section prepared to facilitate learning 2. Being responsive to the needs of students and office hours 3. Giving students guidance about how to improve their performance 4. Respecting the views and learning needs of students
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PSY111SECT075_Syllabus - PSYCH 111 - Introduction to...

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