Lecture 1 - Introductory Biology: Ecology, Genetics &...

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1 Welcome to Welcome to BIO 171 BIO 171 Introductory Biology: Ecology, Genetics & Evolution Adding BIO 171/Overrides/CTools Access Odds are good, no guarantees Must attend the discussion sections you wish to add next week If on waitlist, great, show up next week If not on waitlist, email GSI to add you to waitlist and show up next week; GSI assignments later today If you are on the waitlist and wish to be added to CTools so you can view/print syllabus and notes, Please add your full name, uniqname and UM ID to the sheet that I will pass around the room. Lecture 1: Jan. 4 Introduction to BIO 171 Scientific Perspective Lectures M,W & F 12:10 to 1 pm 4:10 to 5 pm in MLB Aud. 3 Discussion sections 1.5 hours on T, W, TH or F classrooms around campus Attendance is mandatory Discussions start next week! Reading Instructor: Dr. Josephine Kurdziel Email: josephak@umich.edu (for administrative stuff) 763-3684 1139 Nat. Sci. (Kraus) Bldg. Office hours: Group: T 10 am - 12 pm in Nat. Sci. room 1124 Individual: TH 1 - 3 pm in Nat. Sci. 1139 & by appointment in Nat. Sci. 1139 Course Secretary: (scheduling, overrides, etc.) Mr. Tony DeRuiter Email: derantho@umich.edu 1111 Nat. Sci. Bldg. Introductions Who am I?
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2 Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) for discussion sections: Sarah Barbrow Susan Kabat Leah Boris Javier Ruiz Kate Ennis Judy Wan Kathryn Frens Roosevelt Garcia Jesse Lewis Liz Wason Introductions GSI office hours in SLC schedule will be posted on CTools Why Study Biology? It is fascinating
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Lecture 1 - Introductory Biology: Ecology, Genetics &...

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