Lecture 2 - 1 Lecture 2: Jan. 7 Scientific Perspective...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Lecture 2: Jan. 7 Scientific Perspective Whats Special about Biology? Saliency of Ecology & Evolution Discussion Activity This Week Rewilding America- read article before you come to discussion Adding BIO 171/Overrides/CTools Access Odds are good that you will get in; no guarantees Must attend the discussion section(s) you wish to add this week If on waitlist, show up this week If not on waitlist, email GSI to add you to waitlist and show up; GSI assignments and contact info on CTools If you dont yet have CTools access email me and provide your full name, uniqname and UM ID Science is a particular way of understanding the natural world. Science seeks to understand how nature works. All sciences ask questions about the natural world, propose explanations in terms of natural processes , and evaluate these explanations using evidence collected from the natural world. Biology is no exception. Biology is the scientific study of life. Lets consider a classical example: Pasteurs experiments testing the hypothesis of spontaneous generation hypothesis = proposed explanation Hypotheses must be falsifiable , i.e., they must make specific predictions that can be critically tested by experiments or observational studies In the mid 1860s, people believed that simple organisms could come into existence by spontaneous generation : non-living objects gave rise to living organisms. 2 Pasteurs Experiment Testing Spontaneous Generation Louis Pasteur won Prize in1864 for experiments that rejected the hypothesis of...
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Lecture 2 - 1 Lecture 2: Jan. 7 Scientific Perspective...

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