Lecture 15 - Lecture 15 Feb 8 Complex Patterns of...

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1 Lecture 15: Feb. 8 Complex Patterns of Inheritance II: Beyond Mendel Other Genetic Phenomena that Mendel did not encounter - Dominance Continuum: incomplete and co-dominance -Ep istas is - Pleiotropy - Polygenic Inheritance -Mu lt ip leA l le les - Genotype by Environment (G x E) Interactions - Abnormal Chromosome Numbers Discussion Activity Next Week Computer Simulations of Evolutionary Processes (week 7 folder) Essay 1 topic due Feb. 8 Complete essay due by Feb. 22 Check Qwizdom Points on SAMS https://cats.lsa.umich.edu/ Chapters 13 :279-298 Biology in the News Mendel’s Laws are Useful but they are also Simplistic There are a variety of diverse exceptions due to Sex chromosomes Genetic linkage and recombination and a variety of other genetic phenomena that he did not encounter in his breeding experiments with peas: polygenic inheritance, polyallelic inheritance, incomplete dominance, co-dominance, and pleiotropic, epistatic, environmental effects… Types of Dominance 1. Complete 2. Incomplete 3.
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2 Complete dominance Dominant allele (R) shows up in phenotype of heterozygotes e.g., what Mendel observed in 7 traits studied in peas Suppose flower color is determined by a single gene with two alleles: RR = red flowers; rr = white flowers What will heterozygotes (Rr) look like? Rr
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Lecture 15 - Lecture 15 Feb 8 Complex Patterns of...

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