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BIO 171 – Citation Formats Winter 2008 C ITATION FORMATS TO USE FOR YOUR RESEARCH PROJECT Citations refer to research articles, books, newspaper or science magazine articles or academic or government websites from which you obtained information for your research project. They are the references that go into a bibliography or "literature cited" or “references” section. They provide the audience with a way to verify what you say in your essay. They are also an important way to acknowledge (give credit for) information that has been published or presented by someone else. Finally, by citing references, the audience can distinguish between what is background information that has already been discovered and published by someone else and what is brand new information or insights that you have just discovered and are presenting as your work . Reputable Sources : The writing assignments in this course require a minimum of five reputable sources . These required references must come from peer-reviewed scientific journals ( Science, Nature, Evolution, Ecology, The Lancet, Journal of the American Medical Association, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, PLOS Biology, etc.), advanced biology textbooks, and high quality newspapers and science magazines ( NY Times, Scientific American, BioScience ). If you are unsure about a magazine or
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Citation Format - BIO 171 Citation Formats CITATION FORMATS...

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