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Essay Rubric - Paper 1 Student No Introduction or a poor...

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Paper 1: Student __________________________________ Overall Total ______ / 40 Introduction (7) No Introduction or a poor one with no organization of ideas (0-1 Points) Brief introduction with minimal information (2-4 points) Good introduction that introduces paper and tells the reader what they will encounter (5-6 points) Covers all in 5-6 point range, plus includes an analysis of the importance of the topic itself (firmly grounds paper in evolutionary biology) (7 points) /7 Discussion, Analysis & Synthesis of Information (12) Discussion lacking in cohesion; does not connect ideas from separate articles; reads like a “book report”; no synthesis or evaluation (0-4 points) Discussion somewhat cohesive but lacks overall organization; some attempt at putting together information from multiple sources; some evaluation (5-8 points) Discussion cohesively addresses main topic and somewhat/mostly integrates several sources of information; good synthesis and evaluation (9-10 points) Discussion cohesively addresses main topic and integrates sources of information to
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