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1 Lecture 36: April 4 Ecology & Evolution of Coral Reefs • Guam coral reef video • Biology of reef-building corals - habitat for > million species - global distribution & history - environmental requirements - mutualism between corals & zooxanthellae • Threats to reef ecosystems - natural: hurricanes, cyclones, diseases - anthropogenic: climate change, eutrophication & sedimentation, destructive fishing practices • Potential Solutions: management Discussion Activity next week No readings – Exam Review; bring your Qs Check Qwizdom Points on SAMS https://cats.lsa.umich.edu/ Chapters 50 :1139; 31 :719-721; 28 :629; Hinrichsen 1997 article Biology in the News Guam Coral Reef Video ~ 20 minutes; URL will be on CTools so you can review it later. This is a public education project aimed at informing residents of Guam about the biology of coral reefs. Please note that they use the term “plant” rather loosely – that is to refer to algae and zooxanthellae as “plants” – this is not biologically accurate. Coral Reefs: are most productive and biologically diverse ecosystems in the ocean. NPP levels ~ 2 to 2.5 Kg C /m 2 /year rival primary productivity rates in tropical forests
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