Mar31-post - Lecture 34: March 31 Climate Change Review of...

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1 Lecture 34: March 31 Climate Change • Review of Carbon Cycle - biological processes - humans: use of fossil fuels and land clearing • Rising Greenhouse Gases - what is greenhouse effect? -CO 2 & other greenhouse gases: H 2 0, methane, N 2 O, etc. - impacts on global temperature - inferences from Earth’s past - impacts on climate, humans & ecosystems • Is carbon sequestration in forests a potential solution? Discussion Activity this week Article on carbon footprint , EPA website and carbon calculator (week 13 folder) Check Qwizdom Points on SAMS Chapters 54 : 1256-1262 et al. article Because components of the biosphere depend upon one another in complex ways, human actions that affect the biosphere can have unexpected side effects. Human impacts on biogeochemical cycles are among the most pressing issues of your generation. We are changing the world more rapidly than we are understanding it. • The ocean is by far the largest of the three reservoirs. • Carbon moves into and out of the atmospheric reservoir rapidly via the photosynthesis and respiration of organisms. • Human activities such as intensive agriculture, deforestation, and the burning of fossil fuels have changed the carbon cycle by adding large amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
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2 Residents of industrialized countries, though relatively few in number, have a disproportionately large impact on biogeochemical cycles because they use so much fossil fuels, water, food, and other resources. CO
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Mar31-post - Lecture 34: March 31 Climate Change Review of...

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