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comments on feb 8 lecture - Dear class I try very much to...

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Dear class, I try very much to make the 9:00am and 10:00am lectures in our class as similar as possible, but last Friday that did not happen. I think I made the points below fairly clear in the second lecture, but not the first. So the following comments are for your consideration. QWIZDOM QUESTION – There is no correct answer to the question, as I posed it. All three reactions in the Calvin cycle must have very low delta G. For reaction 1, this is true because there is small increase in the number of low energy C-O bonds from RuBP & CO2 to the two 3PG (7 to 8). The number of high energy bonds remains the same between the reactants and products. For reaction 2 and 3, the delta G must be small because these reactions happen in reverse during glycolysis. As I mentioned in an earlier class, these reversible reactions have a low delta G that is heavily influenced by the concentration of the reactants and products. So it was a poor question, but I urge you to think about the implications anyway. In the case of
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