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1 Lecture 22: Eukaryotic Gene Regulation II March 7, 2008 Today s Outline 1. Finish Pre-transcriptional regulation (Wed lecture) 2. Regulation of transcription 3. Post-transcriptional 4. Post-translational control Announcements Make-up Policy on Quizzes: 1) excused absence, 2) make up quiz within one week, 3) go to ANY GSI’s office hours Biology 172 Overview of Eukaryotic Gene Expression 1. 1. Pre-transcription Pre-transcription >> >> chromatin structure chromatin structure 2. 2. Transcription Transcription >> >> transcription transcription factors factors 3. 3. Post-transcriptional Post-transcriptional >> >> alternative mRNA splicing alternative mRNA splicing and differential mRNA and differential mRNA degradation degradation 4. Translation Translation >> free or >> free or membrane-bound membrane-bound ribosomes ribosomes 5. 5. Post-translational Post-translational >> >> folding, chemical folding, chemical modification, transport, modification, transport, activation, degradation activation, degradation Comparison of Transcriptional Initiation in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes Sigma factors bind to promoters
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BIO172W08Lec22CT - Biology 172 L e c t u r e 2 2 E u k a r...

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