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1 Lecture 24: DNA Technology II March 12, 2008 Today s Outline 1. Transgenesis - Genetic engineering in eukaryotes - Gene therapy - Genetically Modified (GM) crops 2. Genomics - Whole genome sequencing - Lateral gene transfer - Transposable elements - Functional genomics and proteomics Announcements 7:30 Tonight at the Michigan Theater documentary film screening: Life is For the Living Biology 172 Genetic Engineering in Eukaryotes Transgenic organisms have foreign or modified DNA in their genome Uses of genetic engineering in eukaryotes 1. Tools to study fundamental biological processes 2. Models for human disease 3. Gene therapy to cure disease 4. Improved agricultural crop yields/quality 5. Other biotechnology applications Transgenic zebrafish to study blood vessel development and disease Mutant with defective phospholipase C- γ 1 lacks intersegmental trunk vessels B. Weinstein Gene Therapy • Gene therapy targets somatic cells to correct a disease gene by introducing a normal copy of that gene • Must target somatic cells in which the disease gene causes a defect Viral vectors carry the normal gene into patient’s cells • Early promise but most clinical attempts have failed. .. Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease (SCID): ‘Bubble-Boy” disease • Lack of immune function: subject to fatal injections • Previous treatment by living in a sterile environment; now use bone marrow transplants from tissue-matched donor Gene therapy clinical trial in 2000 stopped after 2 of 9 patients developed leukemia Biotechnology in Agriculture • “Golden” rice – recombinant DNA technology to introduce β -carotene (precursor for vitamin A synthesis) into rice • Use a Ti plasmid from
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BIO172W08Lec24CT - Biology 172 L e c t u r e 2 4 : D N A T...

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