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1 Lecture 28-- Water/Sugar Transport: Plants March 21, 2008 Today s Outline 1.Organization of plant cells/tissues - Meristem, dermal, ground - Vascular tissue 2.Water movement - Transpiration - Water potential 3.Sugar movement - Translocation - Pressure-Flow Hypothesis Biology 172 Announcements 1. Exam 3: Monday March 24 6-8 PM on Lectures 18-27 2. Adjustment to reading for today: 811 815 -818; 828- 830, 842-848 Review Plant Cell Structure Huge diversity in size, shape, composition, function Either differentiated or undifferentiated (rapidly dividing meristematic cells) Tissues = groups of cells functioning as a unit Four types of tissues in plants: 1. Meristematic tissue = rapidly dividing, undifferentiated, responsible for continued growth 2. Dermal tissue (or epidermis) = single layer of cells covering plant; secretes waxy cuticle (reduces evaporation and barrier against pathogens) 3. Ground tissue = bulk of plant body, complex (several types of cells, many specialized for structural support with a secondary cell wall ) 4. Vascular tissue = specialized for long-distance transport of water and nutrients Xylem conducts water and ions from root system to shoot system Phloem
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BIO172W08Lec28CT - Biology 172 L e c t u r e 2 8 W a t e...

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