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1 Lecture 30- Gas Exchange/Circulation: Animals March 28, 2008 Today s Outline 1. Gas Exchange - Surface Area/Volume - Ventilation, Circulation, Respiration - Partial pressure of gases - Fick’s Law of Diffusion - 2. Circulatory System - Oxygen & Bohr Effect - CO 2 & Buffering - Heart Announcements Revised reading: Ch.41 (pp.941-944); Ch.44 (pp.999-1007, 1009-1012, 1017) Biology 172 Review Cellular Respiration out in Surface Area/Volume Relationship Why are size and shape important factors in metabolic, physiological, and developmental functions and environmental adaptations? Tissue adaptations to increase surface area for diffusion Helps to counteract the problem of the reduction in surface area/volume ratio with increased size Steps in Gas Exchange 1. Move air or water from external environment over specialized surface: exchange O 2 and CO 2 2. Transport dissolved gases around body 3. Exchange O 2 and CO 2 with cells; cellular respiration in mitochondria Atmospheric Gases and Partial Pressures • Gases move by diffusion • Gases move down a gradient of partial pressure Partial pressure (P) of a gas reflects the number of molecules present and their thermodynamic energy • Pressure is a measure of force (mm Hg)
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BIO172W08Lec30CT - L e c tu re 3 0 G a s E x c h a n g e /C...

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