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BIO172 Quiz #11 – Friday 5 pts. 1. An experiment to investigate the mechanism responsible for the asymmetric distribution of auxin in the tips of young plant shoots is illustrated in the diagram below. What hypothesis was being tested in this experiment? Hypothesis: Light destroys auxin. Did the results support the predictions of this hypothesis? No. 2.5 pts. 2. Steroid hormone receptors are located inside cells. What chemical property allows the
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Unformatted text preview: hormones that bind these receptors to get inside the cell? They are lipid soluble. 2.5 pts. 3. Many hormone receptors in animal cells are transmembrane proteins. What chemical property of the hormones that bind these receptors distinguishes them from the steroid hormones? They are not lipid soluble (Alternative correct answers: they are polar or they are soluble in water)....
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