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Quiz11-makeupKEY - The shoots would bend to the right 4 pts...

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BIO172 Quiz #11 –Make up 3 pts. 1. An experiment to demonstrate that the mechanism of phototropism is the asymmetric distribution of auxin in the tips of young plant shoots is illustrated in the diagram of the experimental setup below. The half of the agar block from the side exposed to the light is labeled L and the other half (in the dark) is labeled D. Draw the results that were obtained for the two conditions L and D. 3 pts. 2. Predict the results of a similar experiment in which the L half of the agar block was placed on the left side instead of the right side of a decapitated shoot.
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Unformatted text preview: The shoots would bend to the right. 4 pts. 3. Genes that are targets of steroid hormone signaling often have a hormone-response-element in their promoter or enhancer regions. What binds to the hormone-responsive-elements? The hormone receptor-hormone complex binds to the HRE. Take off 2 points if they say the hormone receptor binds the HRE but neglect to indicate this is only when the hormone binds to the receptor. L D L D Results: They do not need to specify degrees of tilt. They need to show that both shoots bend the same amount and away from the side with the agar....
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