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Bio172 Winter 2008 Quiz#12 - Friday 3 pts 1. A scientist discovered a new species of prokaryote with proteins that start with methionine and that have histones associated with their DNA. What domain of life does this prokaryote belong to? Archaea (they don't have to spell it correctly to get full credit, but it must be something close). 3 pts 2. Do viruses contain genes that code for enzymes involved in synthesis of a
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Unformatted text preview: phospholipid bilayer membrane? Explain your answer. No. Enveloped viruses 'steal' the plasma membrane from the host cell when they bud. 4 pts 3. What mechanism do plants use to create a charge separation across the plasma membrane that results in a membrane potential? Proton pump or H+ATPase (either answer full credit)....
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