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Bio172 Winter 2008 Quiz #12- Makeup 3 pts. 1. How do bacteria and archaea process molecular nitrogen gas that allows eukaryotes to utilize the nitrogen for synthesis of macromolecules? Nitrogen fixation (or reduction) 2 pts. 2. What two general classes of biological macromolecules contain nitrogen? Proteins and nucleic acids (or DNA and RNA -- take off 0.5 pt if they only list one or the other) 2 pts. 3. Plant cells have a resting membrane potential of approximately -150 mV due to a
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Unformatted text preview: difference in the concentration of charged ions on the inside compared to the outside of the cell. Which ion largely accounts for this membrane potential? H+ (or hydrogen ions or protons) 3 pts 4. Phytochromes are photoreversible plant pigments that exist in two different conformations, Pr and Pfr. What converts the Pr conformation to the Pfr conformation and vice versa (Pfr to Pr)? Red light converts Pr to Pfr and far-red (or infrared) light converts Pfr to Pr...
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