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ACTIVITY 7- Solutions Activity 7.1 The term sampling frame refers to the group that actually had a chance to get into the sample. Ideally, this is the same as the population of interest, but sometimes it isn’t. In the following situation, describe the population, the sampling frame, the sample, the parameter of interest, and the statistic. A Gallup Poll is done using random digit dialing to reach individuals in households with land-line telephones. The purpose is to estimate the proportion of U.S. adults who favor stronger gun control laws. One-thousand persons are sampled, and 63% favor stronger gun control. a. Population = all U.S. adults (note that this is becoming a potential problem as many adults -primarily younger adults - no longer have land line phones but instead use cell phones. b. Sampling frame = adults in the households with land-line telephones c. Parameter = proportion of U.S. adults favoring stronger gun control d. Sample = the 1,000 surveyed e. Statistic = 63%, the sample percent Activity 7.2
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