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ACTIVITY 12 - Solutions Activity 121 For each of the following research questions does the situation or research question involve independent samples or paired data? a. Twenty-five people have their cholesterol measure before eating a Big Mac and again after eating a Big Mac. On average, does eating a Big Mac increase cholesterol? Paired data – the measurements will be taken twice on the same 25 subjects b. What is the difference in average ages at which teachers and plumbers retire? Two independent samples c. What is the difference in average salaries for high school graduates and college graduates? Two independent samples d. In fifty married couples, the husband and wife each separately take the same test of marital satisfaction. Is there a difference, on average, between the scores of husbands and wives? Paired data – spousal data is often analyzed as paired data. Activity 12.2 In the Datasets folder click the link for the “GSS Dataset” to open Minitab with the data in place. The data are from the 2002 General Social Survey, a federally funded national survey done every other year by the University of Chicago. The variable marital indicates whether the respondent is presently married or not. We’ll compare the mean amount of television watching per typical day ( tvhours is the variable) for those who are married versus those who are not. a. In words, write a null hypothesis for this situation. We’re comparing two means (television watching for married people versus unmarried people). Null: no difference in mean television watching for married people and unmarried people b. Using statistical notation for means write null and alternative hypotheses for this problem. H
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Solutions_Activity_12 - ACTIVITY 12 - Solutions Activity...

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