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ACTIVITY 13 - Solutions One-way analysis of variance is a method for comparing several population means, when the data are from independent samples. It can be thought of as a tool for examining the relationship between a quantitative response variable and a categorical explanatory variable. Activity 13.1 In each part: Explain whether one-way analysis of variance can be used to analyze the relationship, or not. a. An educational researcher compares three different teaching methods. Each method is used by 100 students (300 in all). Scores on a final exam will be used for the comparison. Yes, response is quantitative and we’re comparing groups so explanatory is categorical b. A sociologist looks whether there is a relationship between racial group (Caucasian, African- American, etc) and opinion about the death penalty (favor or oppose). No, response is categorical c. Restaurant servers draw a happy face on some bills, write a thank you message on other bills and write nothing on a third batch of bills. Tip percents are compared for the three different “conditions.” Yes, response is quantitative and explanatory is categorical d. A medical researcher examines the relationship between age and blood pressure. No, both variables are quantitative Activity 13.2 The data are from the 2002 General Social Survey, a federally funded national survey done every other year by the University of Chicago. In the Datasets folder of the agenda page, click the link for the “GSS Dataset” to open Minitab with the data in place. This activity examines the relationship between number of children ever had (
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Solutions_Activity_13 - ACTIVITY 13 - Solutions One-way...

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