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Membrane and Transport Questions 2 - Membrane & Transport...

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1. Why is the name for the current model of the cell membrane? Why does it have that name? 2. What does amphipathic mean? 3. Explain how the polarity of water organizes phospholipids into a bilayer. 4. List three molecules that are found in the cell membrane other than phospholipids. 5. What is the function of cholesterol in the cell membranes? 6. What are six functions of proteins in the cell membrane? 7. How do we describe the permeability of the cell membrane? 8. State three factors that affect the ability of a substance to pass through membranes. 9. State three factors that affect the rate at which a substance passes through membranes. 10. What are the two types of transport? How do they differ? 11. State the three types of passive transport. 12. How does diffusion differ from facilitated diffusion? 13. How do osmosis and diffusion differ? 14. Identify three molecules that can diffuse into a cell. 15. State a similarity and a difference between phagocytosis and pinocytosis.
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